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The RISE Project


The student-rocket-team "RISE" of the University of Applied Sciences "Hochschule München" is performing extensive research on aerospike engines, developing and optimizing the experimental "SCORPION" aerospike engine in the 2kN thrust class. Besides the ground-breaking aerospike design, this engine will feature an innovative aerodynamic thrust vector control approach. It eliminates the need for heavy cardan joints and engine-gimbaling mechanisms reducing mass, complexity and cost. This SCORPION engine builds as a basis for our suborbital experimental bipropellant rocket "AQUILA" which serves as demonstration vehicle.

With AQUILA and its SCORPION engine we aim at taking part in European and international student rocket competitions proving the feasibility and the benefits of aerospike engines, performing one of the first flights of an aerospike.

Within the RISE student team several bachelor's and master's theses as well as project theses in the framework of the "Master of Applied Research in Engineering Sciences" have focused on the rocket as a whole system, on the trajectory, propellant selection, supply, injection and combustion, several different testing facilities, the conduction of first experiments, and the design and research of all different parts of the engine. This includes extensive research in the field of aerodynamic thrust vector control without the need for gimbaling the whole engine. Core results and future research intentions by the RISE team are presented on this website as well as in our publications.


We believe, that everyone should have access to space just like we have access to other continents on planet earth. Why? Because the universe is full of magnificence and abundance, chances and opportunities.

Therefore, space-travel has to get cheaper. A LOT cheaper.

We happen to have the rocket engine, that lets this dream come true.

Traditional bell-shaped rocket engines are  inefficient, heavy and expensive. Yes - even the new ones. Do you want to move forward to new technologies in order to deliver higher payloads for a lower price? Do you want to increase propulsion efficiency while reducing engine complexity, engine mass, engine size?  Do you want to eliminate the need for multiple different engines for different stages?

Here comes your solution...

Deine Nachricht an RISE:

Hallo. Ich studiere an der Hochschule München und möchte mich am RISE Projekt beteiligen.


Wir sind begeistert, dass Du Dich für unser Projekt interessierst! Wir freuen uns über Bewerbungen von raumfahrt-begeisterten Studierenden aus allen Fakultäten.


Wir suchen Studierende ab dem ersten Semester, die sich in unserem Projekt z.B. in einem der folgenden Bereiche engagieren wollen. In diesen Bereichen kannst Du bei uns auch Projekt- und Abschlussarbeiten oder Deinen Forschungsmaster absolvieren.


  • Gesamtsystem Rakete

  • Antrieb

  • Tanks, Leitungen, Ventile

  • Struktur, Festigkeit

  • Regelungstechnik

  • Konstruktion

  • Mess- und Sensortechnik, Elektrotechnik

  • Informatik

  • Numerische Simulationen

  • Durchführung und Auswertung von Experimenten

Ihre Nachricht an RISE:

Hallo. Wir wollen das RISE-Team gerne unterstützen und bieten eine Sponsoren-Kooperation an.


Vielen Dank für Ihr Interesse! Wir freuen uns sehr über Sponsoren und Kooperationsangebote. Ihr Logo findet sicher einen tollen Platz auf unserer Rakete. Kontaktieren Sie uns gerne!

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