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As part of the development of a student designed suborbital experimental bipro-pellant rocket for the demonstration and research of a working aerospike engine in the thrust class 2 kN with an innovative Thrust Vector Control (TVC) approach, extensive research is performed by the "Rocket Under Students’ Development" [german: Raketen in studentischer Entwicklung] (RISE) student team of the Hochschule München University of Applied Sciences (HM). This research builds as a basis for future participation in the european and international student rocket competitions.

Within the RISE student team several bachelor’s and master’s theses as well as project theses in the framework of the Master of Applied Research in Engineering Sciences (MAPR) have focused on the rocket as a whole system, on the trajectory, propellant
selection, supply, injection and combustion, several different testing facilities, the conduction of first experiments, and the design and research of all different parts of the engine. This includes extensive research
in the field of aerodynamic TVC without the need for gimbaling the whole engine and therefore also research in individually throttleable pintle injection elements.

The RISE-Project

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